Solar panels are devices that directly convert sunlight into electrical energy. Usually large solar panels are mainly applied to solar photovoltaic power plants, solar roof systems, and the like.

While where are the small solar panels usually applied?

Small solar panels are small in size and can be customized according to customer needs, and small solar panels are widely used in various applications. Below, we list some of the more common applications.

Portable solar power

Small solar panels for portable solar power supply products, like universal standard batteries charger, solar backpack etc.


Light & Garden light

Small solar panels for lights & gardens, have underground light, pool lights, edge marking light, craft lights, post or pillar cap lights, lawn lights, garden lights, decorative lights, yard lights ,etc.


Torches and Lanterns

Small solar panels for torches and lanterns:  Lanterns, torch, table lamps, bicycle lamp etc.


Home and Buildings

Small solar panels for homes and buildings: House names and numbers, wall lights, ventilation fan, roller blinds or shutters, air purifier, solar powered digital thermometer, insect killer etc.


Security alarm

Small solar panels for security alarms, lights and CCTV,Camera : Security lights (with motion detection), CCTV, security beam detector, alarm etc.


Consumer electronics

Small solar panels for consumer electronics: Calculators, watch, clock, radio, PC keyboard etc.


Traffic signs and lights

Small solar panels for traffic: Traffic signs and lights, traffic studs, road studs, general purpose warning light, traffic arrow directional lights, pay and display meter etc.


Edcation toys

Small solar panels for toys, novelty and gift products: Toys, educational DIY kits, hat mounted fans etc.


Rail, Sea and Air

Small solar panels for rail, sea and air: Airfield lights, maritime light buoy, railway crossing warning alarm etc.


Agriculture and water

Small solar panels for agriculture and water:  Electric fence, water pump, remote water level meter etc.


Small solar panels can be used whenever electricity is needed and it is used outdoors.

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