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XRSOLAR Solar Light

solar street light

Solar Street Light

Solar street lighting is becoming more and more popular not only for households and businesses but for communities too. Solar street lights are a sustainable and dependable source of light for local roads and pathways in residential communities. providing high standards of illumination for both pedestrians and drivers.

Solar  Garden Light

The best solar garden lights are a lovely way to brighten up your garden while saving on energy.

Solar garden lights are environmentally friendly lighting and with a good set, you can create an ambience that lets you enjoy your garden long after dark. Powered by solar panels, they absorb daylight and convert it to electrical energy, charging your lights so they’re ready to go at night.

Solar garden light 1
Solar flood light

Solar Flood Light

LED solar Flood light is a convenient lighting unit because you can set it up anywhere provided it gets access to the sun. No wiring and for the duration of its life will maintain itself.

It has an adjustable solar panel that maximizes sunlight absorption. You can tilt it to get into the best position.

Solar Flood light is simple to install and comes with a mounting bracket that you can use to mount on a wall or on a pole. This makes it great for roadsides, walkways, house perimeters, garden lighting etc..