XRSOLAR designs and manufactures custom, high-quality solar power panels. The custom solar panel for a wide range of industrial applications including transportation, agriculture, parking, and environmental monitoring. We work with you to understand your dimensional and power requirements, translate those into technical drawings, test for performance within your design, and manage the supply chain and import process.


To inquire a customized small solar panel custom solar panel, please kindly share with us below details of the solar panel you need, we can then design a suitable solar panel based on your requirement for your solar project.

What’s the condition and application that the solar panel will be used?

For example, the solar panel be used in solar LED lighting in outdoor condition…
The solar panel will be used in IoT devices, or GPS tracking, or wireless sensor etc.

What’s the voltage of the solar panel you need?

1.5V/ 5V/ 6V /8V / 9V, or 12V solar panels etc.



What’s the size and shape of the solar panel you need?

We can produce solar panels in various sizes and shapes, for example, round solar panel,V-shape solar panel, long strip solar panel or other irregular shape solar panels.


What’s the solar cell type you need?

We have high efficiency mono solar cell, poly solar cell, PERC solar cell or Sunpower solar cell for choose.

We cut laser cut those cells into smaller, equal-sized pieces and assemble them into a panel. The more cell area, the more power is produced.


How about the encapsulation method?

Tempered glass laminatedSolar panel, or PET laminated, or ETFE laminated, or epoxy, Different coating of small solar panel have different price, warranty.


How to install the mini solar panel?

In addition to customizing the embedded screws or adding through holes, we offer the ability to create a custom panel mount for your specifications.

This includes the design and manufacture of custom brackets, gaskets or VHB seals.


Do you need us to solder wire or not?

We provide customized leads and terminal. This can be changed to whatever length and terminal you prefer. In the back of the panel have contact pads.

These can be positioned anywhere on the panel.


Any other special requirements do you need?

If you are not sure which kind of solar panel to choose, please no worry, our solar expert will give you suggestions based on your basic requirements.





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